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woodpecker feeder for bird feed and bird seedwoodpecker feeder for bird feed and bird seedOur amazing new woodpecker feeders (click here to watch this cool video of our woodpecker feeder tree), vertical bird feeders, and our special suet recipe will feed so many numbers and kinds of wild birds it’s incredible! In fact, all of the pictures and banners found on this page were taken by us in our backyard using these awesome new vertical feeders! We’re confident that these unique woodpecker feeders and vertical bird feeders will work in your yard too. While our prototype woodpecker feeder was originally designed for feeding woodpeckers, it proved to be unbelievable for feeding many other kinds of birds too! That’s why we used our prototype woodpecker feeder tree to create a number of other similar woodpecker feeders of different sizes and configurations.  Read on to learn more about the different types of woodpecker feeders and vertical bird feeders we offer and how they can be purchased.

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Woodpecker suet – new formula bird food break thru – birds love it and can’t get enough of it!

Wild birds love foraging on our woodpecker suet and woodpecker feedersWe named our new special formula suet bird food ‘woodpecker suet’ because of the many types of woodpeckers that love to feed on it, but this formula is extremely appealing to many other types of birds as well. And when combined with one of our natural woodpecker feeders, our suet is just irresistable to so many different birds you’ll be amazed! Now you can get the recipe for our woodpecker suet absolutely free with the purchase of any of our woodpecker feeders!



Woodpecker feeders – Our best suet bird feeders are now available to the public

Woodpeckers love foraging on our woodpecker suet feederWe specialize in creating and building the highest quality, best feeders for feeding woodpeckers (and many other bird species), that you will ever find! We believe that our woodpecker feeders (combined with our special suet recipe) will work better for feeding wild birds than any other bird feeders on the market – and we have pictures (all of the photos and banners on this page, and many others in our photo gallery) to prove it!  And now for the first time, our woodpecker feeders and vertical bird feeders can be purchased right here on our site!


Pileated woodpecker feeder – introducing the woodpecker feeder tree prototype

Picture of male and female woodpeckers feeding on suet feederPicture of adult woodpecker and baby woodpecker feeding together on a woodpecker feederOur pileated woodpecker feeders (woodpecker feeder trees) are truly unique and took many years of research to develop! (See our story and inspiration on our ‘About Us’ page). We are confident that our pileated woodpecker feeder tree is the most effective means for feeding wild birds that you will ever find. And, not only will our pileated woodpecker feeder trees feed pileated woodpeckers, Woodpecker tree feeder feeds many different songbirdsthSuet feeders will feed a variety of different songbirds like pine warblers and palm warblersey will also be magnets for other woodpecker species (like red headed woodpecker, downy woodpecker, red bellied woodpecker, yellow bellied sapsucker, and hairy woodpecker), and many other beautiful wild birds as well! Click here for more information, specifications, and purchase options.




Woodpecker bird feeder – cake suet feeder

woodpecker suet cake feederThis suet cake woodpecker bird feeder is hand made in the USAOur woodpecker suet cake bird feeder is hand made with 2″ thick genuine western red cedar wood, that is not only beautiful and decorative, but also extremely weather resistant. This suet cake feeder has 2 basket compartments to hold 2 suet cakes for bird feeding. It is 19″ long and has a long section of wood below the suet cakes that can be used by larger woodpeckers for a tail prop. The suet cake feeder has a 3″ x 9″ wide top to protect the suet cakes from rain, and it also comes with a pre-installed hangar so it can be hung from a bird feeding station, bird feeder pole, or any place else.

Woodpecker suet cake bird feeder – $54.99 $47.99 buy now and get 2 free suet cakes!

Woodpecker suet feeder – hanging suet feeders for woodpeckers

Pine warblers,palm warblers, yellow rumped warblers, and yellow throated warblers love our woodpecker suet feederPicture of woodpeckers on a hanging woodpecker feederOur hanging suet feeders for woodpeckers have the same design and qualities as our prototype pileated woodpecker feeder tree (hand made from natural real wood, decorative, contains pre-drilled holes for bird suet, feeds many different kinds of woodpeckers and other bird species), but in a much smaller package. This woodpecker suet feeder comes in 3 different sizes, all have covered roofs to keep suet bird food fresh and dry, and each one has its’ own hangar so they can easily be hung from a bird feeding station, a bird feeder pole, or anywhere else you’d like to hang it! Plus, with the purchase of any of these woodpecker suet feeders, we’ll include the recipe for our special woodpecker suet absolutely free!

Our woodpecker suet feeder will feed woodpeckers and many other wild birdsWoodpecker suet feeder small $44.99 $34.99

Woodpecker suet feeder medium $54.99 $44.99

Woodpecker suet feeder large $64.99 $54.99


Small – 26″ long, approx. 2″ diameter, eight 1.125″ feeder holes, 5.5″ x 10″ roof

Medium – 30″ long, approx. 3″ diameter, eight 1.375″ feeder holes, 7″ x 10″ roof

Large – 32″ long, approx. 3-4″ diameter, eight 1.625″ feeder holes, 8.5″ x 10″ roof


Woodpecker feeder plans – blueprint for the best suet feeder

Picture of woodpecker on a woodpecker feederWhen we set out to design and build our new woodpecker feeders, suet feeders, and vertical feeders, our plans were to make them as natural looking and eco-friendly as possible. That’s why our woodpecker feeder plans are based upon making them from real trees (so, they are not only natural feeders for wild birds, they are eco-friendly and blend in perfectly to the natural surroundings of a backyard). Our research indicated that the variety of species, the numbers of wild birds feeding, and the durations of bird feeding times (the amount of time a particular bird spent perched on or clinging to and eating) at our natural style tree like suet feeders and vertical feeders were substantially higher than they were at our man-made artificial style feeders and settings (like molded plastic domes, plastic bowls, plastic trays, and bird feeders hanging from unnatural rusty metal or artificial plastic poles / bird feeding stations).

Bird feeders for kids – How to make a pine cone woodpecker feeder

Make your own pine cone woodpecker feeder with this simple bird feeders for kids projectIf you’re searching for an easy way to get someone (whether young or old) started in the wonderful world of bird watching and bird feeding, this simple project has everything needed to make a homemade woodpecker feeder. The project comes with simple instructions and ingredients to make a suet feeder that really works for feeding woodpeckers and songbirds using pine cones and peanut butter. It’s fun to make, and after putting it in the backyard, it won’t take long for anyone to start feeding woodpeckers and wild birds!

Get everything you’ll need to complete this cool ‘bird feeders for kids’ project right here for just $24.95 !  The kit includes 6 large (8 inch long) pine cones, 1 jar of peanut butter, 6 plastic spoons to apply the peanut butter to the pine cones, and some twine to hang the pine cones.