Tall bird feeder pole – squirrel proof – over 8 feet long

005Resized8 foot tall bird feeder pole

Product: 1027 Price: $145.99

This tall wooden bird feeder pole is extremely attractive to wild birds because of its’ natural wood appearance (like that of a real tree with branches) and the many different perching, resting, and feeding places it provides. Multiple arms (‘branches’) with hook hangers extend from the base of this tall bird feeder pole at differing heights and lengths (from 1-3 feet long) that will accommodate up to 5 hanging bird feeders. And, since the extending arms of these tall bird feeder poles are also real wood, you have the capability of adding your own screw in bird feeder hangers to accommodate even more feeders! Customers are also using this tall bird feeder pole as a decorative addition to their yards and gardens for hanging bird baths, planters, baskets, and hummingbird feeders!

Squirrel proof our tall bird feeder pole with our custom squirrel guard

Purchase our 8′ 3″ pole with our custom fitted bird feeder baffle (fits a 4″ round pole) for just $172.99 - save $10 versus purchasing items individually


Parts listing of this bird feeder pole DSC07189 DSC07190 DSC07187 (2)

1. Main pole is 3-4 inches in diameter – comes in 3 sections which join together with super strong 1.25″ tenon joints – when joined together, pole is 8’3″ tall

2. comes with 36″ metal stake and hardware for mounting the pole

3. comes with 5 hardwood extending arms (‘branches’) – 3 measuring 1.25″ x 36″ – and 2 measuring 1.25″ x 12″ – each arm has a pre-attached hook

4. all wooden pieces of this tall bird feeder pole are sealed with a high quality water sealer and protectant (they are not pressure treated, so they maintain their beautiful natural wood grain and color). The pole is extremely weather resistant

5. pole comes with assembly instructions and is super easy to install (takes just 5-10 minutes), and will stand straight, strong, and tall in your backyard!

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