Real tree feeder – the only feeder you’ll ever need!

GakgHU1383873976If you could only have one feeder in your yard, this would be the only one you’d ever need or want! Our real tree feeder (click here to watch this amazing video) has the most natural look and the largest feeding surface area of any other feeder on the market, which is why it feeds the widest variety of wild birds, and the highest numbers of wild birds at the same time! Just view the photos (all taken by us) on this page and you’ll see why! At 9.5 feet tall and with a total surface area of a whopping 1000+ square inches, two 24 inch perching branches for birds to perch and stage, and 16 large suet feeding holes, this tree feeder will feed so many birds at once, and so many different varieties of birds, it’s amazing!  Be sure to check out this article on how to attract birds to feeder for more amazing info on why this feeder is so effective!

Feeder tree 9.5 feet tall – $179.99 $139.99 (some assembly required – see pictures and diagram below)

Feeder tree extension – make your feeder tree over 11 feet tall!  – Just an additional $46.99

Picture of a real tree feeder


Add another 28 inches and an additional 8 suet feeding holes to the feeder tree to make it over 11 feet tall with this optional extension – $46.99

(see the installation diagram below – this extension has the same specs. as section 3 of the feeder tree and fits between section 2 and section 3)


Feeder tree squirrel and predator guard (highly recommended).   $49.99 $40.99

Keep squirrels and raccoons off the feeder tree with our custom 8″ x 24″ device – click here for purchase info, pictures, and specifications


Here’s what the feeder tree looks like unassembled for shipping, and what it looks like new ‘out-of-the-box’ after assembly, installed in yard (with optional predator guard)

feeder tree unassembled for shippingfeeder tree measures 9.5 feet after assembly








Here’s what the feeder tree is made up of:

1. four 28 inch round wooden pole sections – two of the sections have 8 feeder holes (4 front, 4 back) for a total of 16 feeder holes for suet

2. Perching branches on feeder tree attract wild birds to stage before feedingtwo perching branches (allows birds to stage before feeding) – while traversing (flying) thru their range, many wild birds will come to the feeder tree and perch on these branches to stage (rest and scan the surroundings). It won’t take long for these perching birds to figure out that the ‘tree’ they’re perching on contains food!


3. roof / rain protector

4. 3 foot metal stake and mounting hardware for easy installation

5. installation instructions (installs in less than 5 minutes!)Feeder tree specifications


Picture of bird on our real tree feeder1. feeder tree comes in four sections

a. section 1 – diameter approx. 2-3 inches, 28″ long

b. section 2 – diameter approx. 2-3 inches, 28″ long, stacked on top of section 1 to form the base of the feeder tree and the mounting place for the optional baffle

c. section 3 – diameter approx. 2-3 inches, 28″ long, eight 1.5″ holes for suet, stacked on top of section 2

d. section 4 – diameter approx. 2-3 inches, 28″ long, eight 1.5″ holes for suet, stacked on top of section 3

e. optional pole extension – (same specifications as section 3) – stacks between section 2 and section 3

Picture of adult bird and baby bird on our real tree feeder2. Sections easily stack on top of each other with built-in metal reinforced couplings. Smallest diameter section on top, largest diameter section on bottom.

3. Optional baffle mounts on section 2 with hook and eye closure system approx. 48″ from ground

4. roof /rain protector easily mounts on the top of section 4 (section 4 is the top section of the feeder tree)

5. When stacked (assembled) with rain protector, the feeder tree measures about 9.5 feet tall (over 11 feet tall with optional pole extension) and weighs less than 15 pounds. When the feeder tree is securely mounted to the metal stake with the enclosed hose clamps, and with each section of the feeder tree being connected with metal reinforced couplings, the feeder tree is extremely strong and sturdy (our feeder tree has withstood 2 hurricanes and 3 tropical storms).

















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