Product disclaimer

Product cosmetics and appearance

All of our products (wild bird feeders and poles) are hand made in the USA from select cuts of pine, cedar, and cypress wood.  Due to variations in color, wood grain, age, and the number of knots in the pieces of wood that are used to make a particular product, no two products will look exactly the same.  While cosmetically two of the same products may look slightly different, our quality control procedures will assure that the technical specifications (size and dimensions) of the products will be the same.  We will not accept returns of products because the cosmetics (coloration, wood grain, or knot consistency) are different than the products pictured on our site.

Also, please be aware that some of the products pictured on our site, where birds are shown feeding on a particular product, will appear slightly darker in color than the “new” product for sale.  This is because the pictures are showing a product that has been used and exposed to outdoor weather conditions.  Rain, snow, wind, heat, cold, and the oil in some bird foods will naturally darken the coloration of the wood grain over time.


Product Warnings

Some of our products require assembly (feeder trees and feeder poles).  Some of the pieces of these products requiring assembly have semi sharp edges.  Adults should use caution when assembling (or disassembling) our products as mishandling, dropping, or negligence while handling pieces with semi sharp edges could cause serious injury.  Never assemble or disassemble our products when impaired by drugs or alcohol.  Never allow a child to assemble (or disassemble) our products.  We recommend using gloves when handling and assembling the pieces of our products that require assembly and for installation and mounting of these assembled products.