Oriole bird feeders

oriole bird feeders feed baltimore orioles birds, gray catbirds, summer tanagers, warblers and many other beautiful birds!oriole bird feeder feeds song birds that don't come to bird seed feedersOur fruit bird feeders are beautifully hand made in the USA from the finest western red cedar wood and will feed not only baltimore orioles birds and orchard orioles, but also a variety of other fruit eating wild birds (like the gray catbird in the photo, warblers, and woodpeckers)! The unique design of our fruit and jelly bird feeder will allow you to offer halves of oranges (or any other fruit) from 2 – 4 different fruit hangers and perches (only 2 of the fruit hangers are being used in the photos to the left and right). Our new baltimore oriole bird feeder now has 2 side mounted brackets (our older model in the picture above only had 1) with see-thru replaceable cups for offering grape jelly (a favorite oriole bird food)! Each feeder has its’ own hook, so it can easily be hung from a stand or pole.

Our baltimore oriole feeder is handmade in the USA with decorative red cedar woodFruit bird feeder – $42.50

Oriole bird feeders specifications:

1. hand made from beautiful and naturally weather resistant USA western red cedar

2. Roof – 1″ x 7.25″ x 9″

3. Base – 2″ x 3.75″ x 14″

4. 4 fruit hangars and 4 perches

5. 2 side mounted brackets and 2 plastic cups for storing jelly, a favorite oriole bird food (plus 2 extra plastic cups to use in the future)

6. 2″ metal hook attached to roof for hanging


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