Blue jay feeder

Peanuts are a prime blue jay foodPictures of blue jays foraging on a suet blue jay feederOur hand made wood bird feeders for blue jays have very beautiful and unique new designs that you probably won’t see or find anywhere else. Created, developed, and made in our own woodworking shop, and then used and tested in our own backyard, all of these blue jay bird feeders are better for feeding blue jays than any other feeders we have ever used, and we’re sure they will work in your backyard too! Each blue jay feeder is specially designed to feed them their favorite blue jay food – peanuts, bird suet, and mixed bird seed. All of our feeders for blue jays have covered decorative wooden roofs that will keep the blue jay food fresh and dry from rain and snow, and with side openings our feeders make it real easy for blue jays to see and get to the bird food, which is why they can’t resist them. Hand crafted in the USA (in our central Florida workshop) from the finest cuts of cedar and pine lumber we can find, each feeder comes ready to use with their own metal hook for hanging on a feeder pole or station. As an added bonus, our unique feeders are also effective for feeding a host of other wild birds too, like cardinals, woodpeckers, chickadees, finches, grosbeaks, titmouse, warblers, blackbirds, nuthatches, and buntings! Besides the feeders listed on this page, be sure to also check out our pileated woodpecker feeder tree, which along with woodpeckers is incredible for feeding blue jays too!

Blue jay bird feeder – $89.99 $79.99 buy now and get a 2 pound bag of blue jay food (peanuts) absolutely free!

Picture of a blue jay bird feederBlue jays love to forage on our blue jays feedersBlue jays absolutely can’t resist peanuts (a preferred blue jay food). Our blue jay bird feeder has see thru wire mesh sides so birds can see the food from a distance, and 8 perches and openings where the birds can get to and eat the food.


1. hand made from beautiful red cedar wood

2. Base – 5.25″ x 6.25″ x 16″

3. Roof – 4″ x 7.25″ x 11″ (product height including roof = 20″)

4. 8 perches and openings

5. see thru wire mesh sides so blue jays and other birds will see the blue jay food from a distance and then be attracted to come and feed

6. metal hook for hanging on a pole or feeding station

7. holds approximately 2 lbs. of preferred blue jay food (peanuts)

Mega blue jay bird feeder – $109.99 $99.99 buy now and get a 2 pound bag of blue jay food (peanuts) absolutely free!

Our mega blue jay bird feeder holds up to 4 pounds of food for blue jaysSame design and qualities as the blue jay bird feeder listed above, but in a much bigger size (2 inches wider, 4 inches taller, holds approximately 4 lbs. of blue jay food).

Suet cake feeder for blue jays – $54.99 $47.99 buy now and get 2 free suet cakes!

Blue jays like to feed on suet cakesPicture of double suet cake feeder for blue jaysSpecifications: 100% cedar wood, 2 individual baskets for suet cakes, 3″ x 9″ roof, 2″ base, 19″ long, includes metal hook for hanging



Blue jay suet feeder – $51.99 $46.99 buy now and get our special suet recipe absolutely free!

Pictures of blue jays feeding on their favorite blue jay foodBlue jay facts - large sized bird native to eastern United StatesSpecifications: 30″ long, approx. 3″ diameter wooden pole with roof, ten 1.375″ feeder holes, 2″ hook for hanging, fill feeder holes with our special suet recipe and watch the blue jays and woodpeckers go crazy over it!


woodpeckers and blue jays forage heavily on our blue jay feeders


Fly through bird feeder for blue jays – $87.50 $76.50

These blue jay feeders are hand made in the USAWith this beautiful wooden bird feeder you can offer a variety of different blue jay food – peanuts, bird seed, or a combination of both. With two separate feeding levels, this versatile fly through blue jay feeder is great for feeding hungry blue jays and many other bird species as well, all at the same time!


1. Made of pine logs and western red cedar wood

2. Height – 18″, Width – 13.5″, Depth – 8″

3. Two feeding (food storage) levels – each level capable of holding 2 pounds of bird feed (seed mixtures) or 1.5 pounds of peanuts in the shell

3. Comes with metal hook for hanging on pole or feeding station


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