Bird watchers journal

BjCzlH1391878492This bird watching journal is the place to find interesting information and photos of the wild bird activity, sightings, and happenings (including up to date info about bird migrations) here in central Florida for a particular time period. Starting this year (2014), we will have entries in this journal periodically to document the interesting events we observed (and possibly photographed) regarding the wild bird activity in our backyard and other locations near our home.



As birders, we are blessed to live in an area of the country (Florida) where so many different varieties of beautiful songbirds spend their winters here, as well as having many other birds pass through here, stage, rest, and feed for varied amounts of time during migration.



SjMTX41391878064To see what happened here for a particular time period (including viewing the cool photos we were able to capture), just click on one of the dates at the bottom of this page.

Happy birding,

C.A. Wetzel


February 7, 2014

February 14, 2014


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