Bird feeders on a pole

Our bird feeders on a pole were designed to be very versatile bird feeders. They can be mounted on a pole or used as a hanging feeder (all of our pole mounted bird feeders come with fittings and hardware for pole mounting, but also come with a chain so they could be hung from bird feeder poles. With these decorative bird feeders you can feed wild birds a wide variety of different foods and feed – bird seed, seed and nut mixtures, bird suet cakes, or even peanuts!

Pole mounted hopper feeder $99.99 $89.99

Our pole mounted bird feeders are easy to view and observe because they are at eye level

  • The flip up roof of our bird feeders on a pole allow for easy fillingHand made in the USA from the finest western red cedar wood
  • Versatile bird feeder allows for storage of a wide variety of food – mixed bird seed, peanuts, sunflower seeds
  • These bird feeders on a pole have 2 suet cages on the sides of the feeders to store and offer bird suet cakes
  • Has double hinged roof that opens to allow for easy filling
  • Hopper style feeder with clear see-thru plexiglass sides that make the food inside easily visible to wild birds, and easily attainable for feeding
  • Comes with pole mount fittings and hardware for attaching them directly to a pole (pole sold separately), and a chain if you decide to use them as hanging feeders
  • Dimensions – 18″ x 12″ x 11″


6.5 foot round wooden pole with squirrel guard $69.99 $59.99

Use this apparatus with any of our bird feeders pole mounted

  • Our bird feeders on a pole will look tremendous in your backyardthis pole is perfect for using with any of our bird feeders on a pole and pole mounted bird feeders
  • wooden pole is 2-2.5 inches in diameter and has three 26 inch attachable sections – when put together, the pole is 6.5 feet tall
  • pole is super easy to install (installs in less than 5 minutes) – comes with a 36 inch metal stake that is driven into the ground about 16 inches – this leaves 20 inches above ground for affixing the pole to (using the 2 enclosed hose clamps) – the only tools needed for assembly and installation are a hammer and screwdriver
  • when the pole is affixed to the metal stake with the hose clamps, it is very sturdy and will stand up straight, strong, and tall
  • comes with squirrel guard



Pole mounted platform feeder $97.50 $79.50

Using our pole bird feeders are a great way to offer wild birds their favorite foods from an elevated position

  • Made of pine logs and western red cedar wood
  • Dimensions: Height – 18″, Width – 13.5″, Depth – 9.5″
  • Two feeding (food storage) levels – each level capable of holding 2 pounds of bird feed (seed mixtures) or 1.5 pounds of peanuts in the shell
  • Comes with metal hook for hanging, and hardware and fittings for mounting directly to a pole (pole sold separately)

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