Bird feeder stands

Our wooden bird feeder stands are eco-friendly and decorative
5 foot wood bird feeder stand

Product: 1028     Price: $49.99

This 5 foot all wood bird feeder stand will make a beautiful and natural presentation platform in your backyard for any bird feeder! Made from real pine trees, this bird feeder stand is 3-4 inches in diameter, strong, and sturdy, and comes with our ingenious bird feeder post mount kit (product number 1079), so you can easily attach and display your favorite bird feeder. At 5 feet long, this bird feeder stand is the perfect height for observing birds feeding at your feeder, and for accessing and filling your feeder with bird food. This stand can be purchased separately, or with an optional squirrel guard (when purchased with the guard, you can save $10 versus buying the stand and the guard individually). These bird feeder stands also come with a 3 foot steel mounting stake and hardware to attach the stand to the stake. Installation is super easy (just drive the mounting stake into the ground with a standard hammer about 14 inches, then attach the stand to the stake with the included hardware). Installation instructions are included.

5 foot bird feeder stand $49.99

5 foot bird feeder stand w/guard $77.99


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