Bird feeder mounts – deck mount and post mount kits

These ingenious bird feeder deck mount and post mount attachment kits will allow you to mount a large platform bird feeder directly to a pole, post, or deck post (round poles or square posts).  The kits come with everything you’ll need to easily and securely fasten any bird feeder with a wood bottom to many different types of bird feeder poles or posts (4 x 4 posts, wooden poles, metal poles, plastic pvc poles, deck extention posts, round or square poles – any pole or post with a 2 – 4 inch diameter).

Our bird feeder mounts can be used for a number of different feeder applicationsBird feeder post mount kit

Product:  1079     Price:  $14.99

This bird feeder post mount kit comes with everything you’ll need to mount a bird feeder to a pole or post.  It includes a 2″ thick decorative cedar wooden block, two 1″ thick cedar blocks,  2 pre-mounted 2-4 inch adjustable hose clamps, and all the wood screws needed to attach this kit to the bottom of a wood bird feeder and a pole or post.

How to mount a bird feeder to a round pole or 4×4 post using this kit

Attaching our bird feeder pole mount kit to a feeder and pole is super easy, takes less than 3 minutes!The top 1″ cedar block (which is pre-attached to the 2″ cedar wood block) is used for attaching the entire kit to the bottom of a wooden bird feeder using two 1.5″ wood screws (which are provided with this kit).  The adjustable hose clamps (which are pre-attached to the cedar wood block) are used for securely fastening a round pole to the bird feeder (to fasten the kit to a 4×4 post, just remove the 2 hose clamps, use the pre-drilled holes in the 2″ cedar block to drive the included 3″ deck screws through the cedar block and directly into the 4×4).  The other 1″ cedar block is used as a face plate to hide the hose clamps (if used).

The face plate of the mounting kit provides a decorative way of hiding the hardware    DSC06488New   Once placed on top of the pole, tighten the hose clamps of our bird feeder mount around the pole as shown


Our bird feeder deck mount kits are decorative and strong!Bird feeder deck mount kits

(Photo at left shows deck mount kit 1 on the left and deck mount kit 2 on the right – bird feeder and house not included).  If your deck doesn’t have any posts that extend up from the deck to mount a bird feeder or bird house on, you can make a beautiful mounting place for a bird house or feeder on the edge of your wooden deck by using one of our bird feeder deck mount kits and one of our decorative round wooden poles (or your own post).



This is a photo of our deck mount kitDeck mount kit 1

Product:  1081    Price:  $34.99

With this deck mount kit you will be able to mount your favorite bird feeder to the side of a wooden deck or deck post.  This kit comes with 2 of our bird feeder post mount kits (as described above) with hardware, one to attach to the bottom of a bird feeder, and one to attach to the side of a deck, and a 32″ long 3-4″ diameter beautifully decorative wooden pine log. 



Use the pre-drilled holes of our deck mount kit as a guide to drill appropriate holes into a deck post or railing  Deck screws are provided with our bird feeder deck mount kit

Attaching a pole to our deck mount kit is easy   Attaching the face plate of the deck mount kit is done with 2 wood screws


Deck mount kit 2 comes with all the neccessary parts to handsomely display a bird house or feeder from your deckDeck mount kit 2

Product:  1082     Price:  $19.99

(As seen in the photo to the right – bird house not included).  With this deck mounting kit you will be able to mount your favorite bird house or feeder to a wooden deck post or railing.  This kit contains a beautifully decorative 32″ long 3-4″ diameter wooden pine log with two 2″ thick decorative cedar blocks pre-attached at each end, and eight 3″ deck screws (4 to attach one end to your favorite bird house or feeder, and 4 to attach the other end to a deck post or railing. 


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