Bird feeders for cardinals

Our unique and decorative bird feeders for cardinals are fantastic for feeding these beautifully colored ‘red birds’. Made in the USA from prime cuts of western red cedar lumber and pine, our creative designs have proved extremely effective for feeding many different cardinals at the same time (male and female cardinals and cardinal family groups containing adults, juveniles, and babies), and also work extremely well for feeding other wild birds as well (like blue jays, red wing blackbirds, American goldfinch, Carolina wrens and chickadees, rose breasted grosbeak, pine warbler, downy woodpecker)!

Our best bird feeder for cardinals  – two beautiful styles

The best bird feeder for cardinals has multiple feeding levels and large food storage, This beautiful handmade feeder has multiple levels and multiple openings and perches for birds to access the food.  Both styles of this feeder have:

  • a large clear food storage compartment that is easily seen by birds
  • hinged roof that keeps food dry and provides for easy filling
  • removable bottom piece to allow for easy cleaning
  • come with a chain for hanging

With its’ large food storage and numerous perches for feeding, this feeder can feed many different birds at once, which is why it is the best bird feeder for cardinals that we offer!

Large rectangular 3 level feeder holds 8 pounds of seed $139.99  $129.99

picture of our best bird feeder for cardinals


Large tapered 2 level feeder holds ten pounds of seed $139.99  $129.99




Cardinal bird feeder with individual feeding cups $89.99 $79.99

Northern cardinals forage and feed on seed and suet.Cardinals will frequent this ingenious feeder as it offers 10 individual cups and feeding stations for them to forage and feed from. Most bird feeders, which only dispense food from one tray or one platform, will only allow a single bird to feed at a time, because most wild birds (cardinals included) are territorial and will chase other birds away. But, this cardinal bird feeder will allow multiple cardinals to feed at the same time because of the many different cup feeding locations it has. If a cup is occupied with a feeding cardinal, additional cardinals can come to this feeder and find a cup to feed from on another location of the bird feeder.


Roof – 11″ x 14″, Base – 4″ x 16″, hook for hanging on a pole, 10 individual replaceable cups, easy to clean, 100% cedar, attracts many other songbirds too (especially goldfinches, red-wing blackbirds, and blue jays).

Platform bird feeder for cardinals $97.50 $79.99

Cardinals will be attracted to this double level fly thru feederOur platform bird feeder for cardinals is very versatile – it can be hung (using the included hook hanger) or it can be mounted on a pole. Additionally, it can be used for offering and dispensing a variety of different bird feed – sunflower seeds, seed and nut mixtures, peanuts, or combinations of any of these. This feeder has two open feeding levels (platforms) that wild birds are very comfortable perching on and feeding from, because they can see all around them for danger, and if necessary, can easily evade potential predators (like hawks and owls).


Roof – 9.5″ x 19″, base – 9.5″ x 13.5″, height – 18.5″, made from cedar and pine, comes with hook for hanging or can be top mounted or side mounted on a pole!

Suet bird feeders for cardinals – starting at only $39.99purchase any of these feeders and get our special suet recipe absolutely free!

Our bird feeders for cardinals are made in the USA and come in three different sizesThese bird feeders for cardinals will feed cardinals by offering and dispensing a favorite for feeding cardinals – suet. We often think of a northern cardinal feeding on mainly seeds, nuts, and insects, however these common backyard bird feeder visitors are highly enticed by and will also consume suet. Our special recipe suet is highly sought after by cardinals, and we’ll include the recipe for it with the purchase of any of these feeders! These natural wood feeders (made from pine logs with cedar roofs) come in 3 different sizes, are easy to fill, have a roof to protect food from the elements and keep it fresh, and come with pre-installed hooks so they can be hung anywhere in your yard you’d like to place them!

Just fill the holes with cardinal bird food and you'll be attracting cardinals from everywhere!Suet bird feeders for cardinals small $44.99 $39.99

Suet bird feeders for cardinals medium $54.99 $49.99

Suet bird feeders for cardinals large $64.99 $59.99


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