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PileatedWoodpeckerFeeder.com is owned and operated by Bird Eye Innovations LLCC.A. Wetzel is the author of this site and the creator of the innovative concepts, strategies, and products found on this site. Mr. Wetzel lives on the west coast of central Florida and is an avid outdoorsman, conservationist, and renowned wildlife photographer who has spent many years of his life in the outdoors watching, studying, and photographing wild birds and animals behavior, habitats, and their feeding patterns and preferences.

Pictures and banners on this site

All of the pictures, banners, and videos found on this site were photographed and produced by C.A. Wetzel in his backyard (and published in his photo gallery on this site) so that visitors to this site can see for themselves how well all of his bird feeders, concepts, and strategies really work!

Our story – the inspiration for our wild bird strategies and products

The inspiration for the creation of his (C.A. Wetzel’s) innovative techniques and products came one month many years ago while watching birds in his backyard.  Note – more details on these techniques can be found at how to attract woodpeckers and how to attract birds to feeder.

Let the birds show you what they like

Over the course of several days, weeks, and months over 12 years ago he observed a number of different woodpeckers landing on and climbing up and down one particular small dead tree (about 3 inches in diameter and 10 feet tall) in the woods at the edge of his backyard. While having many different types of feeders in his yard in multiple different locations, none of the woodpeckers he observed ever visited any of his feeders.

If you build it….

Wanting to lure the woodpeckers from the woods and into his backyard, he thought…what if I were to find a similar tree to the one I see the woodpeckers using, put holes in it, put a special suet mixture in the holes, and then place my ‘feeder tree’ close to the tree the woodpeckers were naturally coming to day after day? And so he did, and the rest is history! Almost immediately (2 days) the woodpeckers found his ‘feeder tree’ and began using it and feeding on it day after day.

They will come!

As time went on, more and more different woodpeckers and other birds started coming to and feeding on his ‘feeder tree’. The amount of (and variety of) activity on and around his ‘feeder tree’ has truly been remarkable and far exceeds the activity at any of the other feeders he has. Even birds that aren’t normally found at feeders (like pine warblers, palm warblers, ruby crowned kinglets, gray catbirds, yellow bellied sapsuckers, and hermit thrushes) come to feed at the ‘feeder tree’. The woodpeckers he has observed in his backyard using the ‘feeder tree’ include pileated woodpeckers, red headed woodpeckers, red bellied woodpeckers, yellow bellied sapsuckers, and downy woodpeckers. The ‘feeder tree’ also feeds all the more common backyard birds like northern cardinals, blue jays, northern mockingbirds, brown thrashers, common grackles, tufted titmouse, Carolina chickadees, Carolina wrens, white headed nuthatches, brown headed nuthatches, yellow throated warblers, yellow rumped warblers, american crows.

Continuing the designing, building, and testing of newer and better ways of attracting birds

For over 12 years now, Mr. Wetzel has been designing, building, and testing cutting edge feeders and accessories for attracting and feeding songbirds and woodpeckers.  His best designs and proven bird attracting products can all be found on this site, and when new products are developed, they too will be found right here!

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