three pileated woodpeckers on suet feeder at the same timeBird feeding break thru! – Amazing new technique for feeding wild birds

At PileatedWoodpeckerFeeder.com you will find everything you ever wanted to know about how to attract woodpeckers, plus you will learn the most unique and effective way of feeding wild birds ever developed, which is based on a new break thru technique called vertical bird feeding! Read this article on how to attract birds to feeder to learn why our cutting edge vertical bird feeding technique will feed more wild birds at the same time, and more varieties of wild birds than any other mode or method of bird feeding! In fact, all of the pictures and banners found on this page were taken in our backyard using one of these incredible new feeders – our pileated woodpecker feeder!




Besides our amazing new woodpecker feeders, we also have created a number of other unique wild bird feeding products that are all beautifully handmade in the USA from real wooden logs and cedar and pine lumber!



Blue jay feeder                                   Bird feeders for cardinals               Finch bird feeders



Fly through bird feeder                                     Oriole bird feeders


Bird feeders on a pole                     Bird feeder poles                           Bird feeder baffles



We also have a wealth of information and articles on the following bird related topics:

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And the following pages of detailed data about individual woodpeckers:

Pileated woodpecker                     Red headed woodpecker                        Downy woodpecker


Red bellied woodpecker                Yellow bellied sapsucker            Red cockaded woodpecker


Hairy woodpecker


Picture of woodpeckers

As avid bird watchers ourselves, we have spent many years studying and observing wild birds and their feeding habits and preferences.  We have experimented with and tested many different types, sizes, and styles of bird feeding products to come up with the best and most effective ones possible.  All of the products found on our site were designed and developed by us, and used with great success in our own backyard and we are confident that they will work extremely well in your backyard too!

Happy bird watching!